February 6, 2009

Sent to the White House

National Animal Identification System, (NAIS) that thousands of livestock producers have opposed for close to a half dozen years, is still being demanded by USDA, and USDA branches. Like a creeping fungal spore it moves on with unrestrained funding. Why does this numbering plot have a life without death? No economic facts, no logic, no legal barrier stops this horrid scheme as it moves with perverted "cooperative agreements" to number all farm livestock and farm properties.

Nearly 2000 years ago it was written in the Holy Bible that in the last years of history a numbering system would be used so that no person could buy or sell without an enforced number. Real ID and NAIS perfectly fit the prophecy of Revelation 13. It is a battle of the unjust against the just. Some would say it is only a coincidence, yet others are certain a massive plan is in play to number all livestock and then number all people. A federal plan to control people like herds of cattle moving through the check out counter of life.

It is easy to oppose NAIS on purely non-Biblical reasons, but equally easy to see the handwriting on the wall. Every livestock owner should oppose NAIS. Every Christian should oppose NAIS. Every human who consumes food should oppose NAIS. Every USDA employee should oppose NAIS. Every veterinarian, every President, every Congressman and every Senator should oppose NAIS.

Posters of the graphic can be printed from www.naisStinks.com. The link for other posters is http://www.naissucks.com/index.php?con=flyers. Thank you for opposing NAIS and the distribution of information.

Brad Headtel, www.naisSTINKS.com.

Hopefully, that fired you up. Now go here to make your comment about the new numbering system. The cutoff for comments is in March. There are some incredible comments, as well as some questions that USDA must answer before they can go forward. Well, that's the law anyway. We know USDA will do what they want, skew the results they way they want, all that. If there ever was an unlawful agency, USDA is it.

But before you go, order a copy of my book, First They Came for the Cows: An Activist's Story. Look at the right sidebar and click through the Amazon link. This novel is a great way to help people understand what NAIS means for ordinary people.

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