January 28, 2009

New Hampshire Scores A Big Win!

State rep holds her horse bill
Sponsor changes course on $25 fee for licensing

By Margot Sanger-Katz
Monitor staff
January 28, 2009 - 12:00 am

Facing a flurry of opposition to her proposal to require licensing of horses, Rep. Carla Skinder rescinded her support for the bill yesterday, according to people who saw her speak.

Skinder's bill, which was discussed at the House Local and Regulated Revenues Committee yesterday, called for a $25 licensing fee for each horse in the state along with proof that the animal had been vaccinated for rabies. Skinder, a Democrat from Cornish, said Monday that the bill was designed to improve the health of the state's horses and to give some money to towns and the state that might help protect equine health.

But the bill met with sharp opposition from organized horse groups, many of whom wrote letters, sent e-mails and placed phone calls to legislators. Organizers said Monday that more than 100 people would attend yesterday's meeting, but Skinder put out an e-mail at 6:30 yesterday morning forecasting her reversal so angry horse owners would not have to make the trip to Concord. [read the rest here]

So, that means, we, The People, can make a difference. We just need to be more vocal than we have been. Having said that, have YOU made your comments on Regulations.gov about the Official Animal Identificaction Numbering Systems that USDA is trying to implement? Very important that there are more than 50 comments. The comment period ends March 15th.

Before you click away, please, buy my book. It is called First They Came for the Cows - An Activist's Story. It is a fictionalized account about the fight against NAIS. Some of it is true, names changed, of course, and some is fully fiction. It is Christian fiction, and you know how hard good Christian fiction is to come by. Here is the link to my e-store. Eventually it will be available on Amazon, but I don't know when. If you'd like to read a preview, select the nanowritmo link to previous posts. If you'd like to buy copies for resale, let me know. Some church groups are using it for book clubs.

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  1. Equine health MY FANNY. This was another bill to tax and count everything we own, including eventually chickens.

    Everything shall be given a number so it can be owned by our enslavers!

    I'm glad the rest of the farmers are aware of this.

    The Democrats are ruining NH!


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