February 12, 2009

Dung beetles

Do you know what a dung beetle is?

Here is a clue: A dung beetle, with a shovel-like head, rolls a dung ball with its hind legs. Most dung beetles search for dung with the aid of their strong sense of smell. Some of the smaller species, however, simply attach themselves to the dung-providers to wait for their reward. After capturing the dung, a dung beetle will roll it, following a straight line despite all obstacles. Sometimes dung beetles will try to steal the dung ball of another beetle, so the dung beetles have to move rapidly away from a dung pile once they have rolled their ball to prevent it from being stolen.

The answer to the question is this: anyone in Congress.

This rant has to do with 2 new bill being introduced in Congress right now that create a backdoor NAIS. These 2 bills are HR 814 and HR 875. Click through to NoNAIS.org to read about it.

Oh, but before you go.... order my book. If you have had trouble getting people fired up about NAIS, First They Came for the Cows is the thing to have them read. As one person who posted a review on Amazon said, "This book should be in the foyer of every church..." Click through the link on the right sidebar. Thanks!

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