November 10, 2006

Vermont's Agency of Agriculture Steve Kerr Resigns

In an apparent parting of the ways, Steve Kerr gave his resignation to Governor Douglas yesterday. It was a mutual decision as the Burlington Free Press reported this morning. David Lane will stay on as interim secretary, though he has not decided if he will seek the position permanently. Kerr's last day, according to the media reports, is 15 December.

As one person wrote to me, it is better to sleep with the devil you know than one you do not know. I agree, but in this case, I am glad we are rid of Steve Kerr. I hope the Governor will seek out a more moderate secretary and one without agribusiness ties.

Mark Bosma, who was the Public Information Officer, seems to have changed jobs as well with his name and Vermont Emergency Management showing up in a byline in the newspaper. Could Dr. Kerry Rood and Carl Cushing be far behind? One can only pray and hope that the whole of the Agency be turned over like you might do to a field, making way for good roots to grow, not bad ones.

I understand that Arkansas' Phil Wyrick may lose his job. Another excellent choice judging by the crap he wrote in justification of ID chips in horses. His logic is faulty and what he proved is that this whole id'ing and chipping of animals just makes more avenues for criminals to get away with things. It also turns regular people who just want to live their lives in peace into criminals.

Ta-ta Steve Kerr. We won't miss you. I will be interested to discover where you land next. Will you show up in the belly of the USDA/NIAA beast?

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