November 13, 2006

Read Mad Sheep in 24 hours like I did

I ordered Mad Sheep from Amazon and it came on Friday. I finished reading it on Saturday night. It is that kind of book, could hardly put it down. And nearly burst out crying in a couple of places.

Mad Sheep is the story of the Faillace family of Warren, Vermont. They imported, with the full cooperation of the USDA, special sheep of a certain type known for it's milking. The USDA decided it needed a "scape goat" to make it look like Corporate Agribusiness was really doing something to combat BSE, that is Mad Cow.

While what happened to the Faillace's and the people they sold sheep to was in the media for awhile, the whole story wasn't told. For one thing, sheep don't get BSE, though they can get Scrapie. The breeds they brought to the US never had one case of Scrapie, ever. The USDA made every effort to make it look like the sheep had been exposed to disease, though, interestingly the only time the sheep could have been exposed to BSE tainted grain was when the sheep were housed in a USDA quarantine facility. The Faillace's helped start the Scrapie program here in Vermont and in the end, the USDA ignored it all.

If you want a clear and consise look into the future under NAIS, read Mad Sheep. Here is the link to the publisher.

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