November 5, 2006

Do you know how many Genetically Modified Organizisms your are consuming?

I'm a label reader and of late am getting more and more distressed with the ingredients I am seeing in food. Just a couple of weeks ago I realized that there are more GMOs in ordinary food than I realized. Any corn, including high fructose corn syrup, and soy (including soy meal, soy oil) and canola (oil), unless labeled Organic is all GMO. How in the world did it sneak into the food supply without our knowledge. Why don't the companies have to label GMO ingredients?

By they way, did you know that just because a product like potato chips says it has Zero grams of trans fats, they are telling a lie? The FDA approved 2.2 grams of trans fats as Zero grams.

Here is a bigger list of GMOs:

canola, corn, including popcorn and sweet corn but not blue corn, cotton, flax, papaya, potatoes (Atlantic, Russett Burbank, Russet Norkatah, and Shepody), red-hearted chicory (radicchio), soybeans, squash (yellow crookneck), sugar beets, tomatoes, including cherry tomatoes

Sugar beets!!!! This is simply unbelievable, but true. For this reason I have switched to pure cane sugar, a bit more expensive but not GMO.

Click here to review a big shopping list of common prepared foods that contain GMOs. Baby food is on the list. Pet foods contain GMOs. Have you ever wondered what animal digest is? Look it up.

Buy and eat local is your only chance to eat healthy.

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