August 29, 2006

Wisconsin, Indiana Premises Registration NAIS

Here is some sound advice for those of you who are going to be faced with forced, voluntary, premises registration in Indiana, because that starts very soon. It comes from an email exchange on one of the anti-NIAS Yahoo groups.

Unfortunately you are probably going to have to sign up until we get this thing killed nationally. If you do, here are a few suggestions. First, get the entire
document you are going to sign. Make sure there are no other pages, make sure there are no additions or other document referals when you read it. Ask the highest
authority you can that this is the only document, and that there are no attachments. You might even print something up and get them to sign it. If they are telling the truth, they should have no problem. If they refuse, then state their full name, possition, date, time and that they refused to veirify in writing that this is the only document and that it is complete.

Everywhere where it says, 'shareholder', you cross it out and put 'Animal Owner', in capitals! Everywhere it says 'national herd' you cross it out and put 'My Animals'.

Then you state at the bottom, just above your signature that you 'Absolutely retain all Rights and privelages under the Constitution. You waive no rights what so ever.' Where ever it says on the document that they will come onto your property to search or enforce compliance, you cross that out and say you retain your 4th Amendment rights, and that a warrant will be necessary for any and all searches or enforcements.

Then you absolutely state right above your signature that you are signing up under durress and against your will, and that this is illegal under the Constitution.
Imediately ask for or make a copy of this, and keep it in your records.

Tell everyone you know to do it this way. To sign under durress (sp) and against the Constitution, retaining all your Rights, may help in the future. I don't know, but we can try. Best of luck.

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