August 29, 2006

Greetings to the USDA NIAA APHIS

My blog has been scanned again by members of the USDA. I guess going to the NIAA ID EXPO 2006 put me on their radar.

Yes, I went to Kansas City, MO last week to see just what the USDA and cronies have in mind. The USDA means to tag every livestock animal in this country. It is a redundant plan being that there are already enough disease tracking systems in place. Why they think they can control disease is beyond my ken. Individually, the people who work for these agencies are just doing their jobs for the most part, but how do they look at their little children and not feel bad for what they are casting onto their futures? A brave new world with no farms, no petting zoos and poisoned food. Who will want to raise a few chickens, have a horse, or keep a llama if Big Brother is watching.

What alarms me is that NAIS is just one of who knows how many thousands of other programs that are being foisted on an asleep nation, run by a bunch of old cronies who stand to make a fortune with impunity. Don't get me wrong, I am all for capitalism, but greed has taken over in every sector. Who cares about us? Not any company that I can think of.

To read my daily report about my experience at the NIAA's Id Expo 2006, click your way here

And a note to USDA/APHIS/NIAA - I will not comply.

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