September 22, 2006

NAIS - Is Your Candidate Farm Friendly?

Coming onto elections. Our candidates up here in Vermont are only hawking healthcare for the poor and elderly. What do they know about it anyway? Martha Rainville is a puppet for some big guys in Washington. How they can say she is an independent thinker is beyond me. She was in the military for her career. Does the military foster independent thinking? Nope.

Rich Tarrent is just that - rich. He thinks he knows all about healthcare but when I called to ask if he knew that when a person gets laid off from a job here in Vermont they have to take COBRA or they can't buy insurance for 60 days. Nope, they didn't know that. So a middle class family making more than $33,000 a year doesn't get any benefit from socialized healthcare. This really is the black hole - middle class. If a person made 6 figures, then $900 a month to buy so-called insurance might would be chump change. If I were in charge I'd break the insurance/medical/pharmaceutical monopoly up and have it go back to the way it used to be.

Bernie Sanders is a Socialist who takes money from the sugar cartel and hasn't done a thing for the mainstream Vermonters, but they vote for him anyway. I have yet to hear a person tell me what Bernie has done for them. Oh sure, he helped the veterans, but what has he done for the rest of us? He voted yesterday against the Secure Fence Act of 2006. As the commercial says, "What has happened to Bernie?" Oh yeah, he had a commercial with Willie Nelson but pulled it when Willie got busted earlier this week. Did Bernie not know?

As long as I'm spouting off this evening, Danny Glover is on my "never watch again" list for having his arm so tight around Hugo Chavez at the church in Harlem. I read on a Danny Glover fan message board that 72 pages worth of people felt the same way. Hollywood stars are better off if they keep quiet about politics.

Wow. I am way off track from my normal non-political ponderings aren't I? NAIS isn't about political parties but about big agencies and big government believing they can control everything by thinking it through. It's just ridiculous. Have you heard about the North American Union? Do you know about HealthyPeople2010? Might want to google them up. Be prepared for the scare of your life.

So, election season is upon us. Ask your candidates the questions in the poster. If you want one for your own, email me and I'll send you a PDF file that you can download and print out.

PS for the USDA sniffing 'round my blog like a fox at the hen house, NAIS will not stand. We, the people, will not tolerate it.


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