May 2, 2006

Vermont and "We only want Premises ID, really, why don't you believe us?"

We have a Yahoo Group, Vermont Against NAIS , one of many state specific list discussion groups, people from all over fighting against National Animal Identification System. Anyway, our newest member is Mark Bosma, the Public Information Officer for the Agency of Agriculture (AoA). We really didn't want him to come in as a member, but when I realized that he has been reading the posts all along it seemed silly to not have him join. Boy, his presence, like an elephant in the living room, has stopped the conversations cold. Mark has said he is there is answer questions, but he is selective about which questions he will answer. The mantra of the AoA is "we want premises id only", but we keep finding information to the contrary. Mark seems surprised that we don't believe them.

If you'd like to find you own state's specific group fighting against NAIS click over to, scroll down and look on the right side bar.

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