May 3, 2006

Vermont Agency of Agriculture Speaks Out About Their Plans To Kill Backyard Flocks.

These words are from Mark Bosma, Public Information Officer for Vermont's Agency of Agriculture. He posted them to a newsgroup. My comments are in italics.

There are three reasons why the entire flock will be depopulated with a confirmed positive case of High Path AI, even if all the birds are not showing clinical signs.

1. The virus can persist in the remaining birds and you never can get rid of it out of the premises.

So, in other words a virus never leaves a premises? Why that is the biggest load of crap I have ever heard. Talk about making up "facts" and spinning them. This is from a Malaysian news article:


Dr Kamaruddin said the virus has a rather short life span outside its host and the longest they could survive is about four days or 96 hours.

He said virus in droppings of chickens, ducks and birds that died in shady areas can survive up to four days while that in water-logged areas like lakes and mine pools under direct sunlight can live up to three days.

"As for virus in the carcass of the host that is exposed to sunlight, its lifespan is about 30 minutes.

"The virus is sensitive to antiseptics like the lysol spray and even soaps and handwashes," said the veterinary surgeon."

2. There is some concern that as the virus persist it can drift and/or shift into a more virulent strain that can jeopardize the health of the farmer. Pandemic Concerns

How about driving a car? That can jeopardize the health of the driver. How is it that people who are so terrified of AI, that has killed just over 100 people, aren't scared to death getting into a car when there are 54 thousand deaths each year from car accidents? It boggles my mind.

3. Our trading partners will demand that we depopulate the farm infected with HPAI in order to resume trade. The international community calls this practice "stamping out" of the virus.

"Our trading partners"? I don't have any trading partners. I don't care about the international community. This international community is what has gotten the US in so much trouble as it is.

I hope this helps,

Yeah, Mark, you are a huge help.

Hen, with ruffled feathers.

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