September 14, 2005

Google Blog Search for Hours of Fun! - This is the link

Just a couple of blogs I found:

I like this one - California Conservative: No Debate Necessary: How To Talk to a War Protester (If You Must)

I don't like this one, but the conversation takes place in my town, I didn't recognize any of the voices, though I thought I would since so many of my friends are peace-niks. We don't talk politics generally because we'd prefer to be friends.
Good Politics Radio - Vermont Join the Political Communications Revolution

Interesting....Vermont Sex Offender Registry Jeeze, you can see the pictures of sex offenders and read about their offenses. Creepy. Thankfully, there are none registered in my zip code, though there are 10 registered in my county.

Remember when Google was starting up, there was a game you could play. Type in two or more totally unrelated words and see how few results you'd end up with. You couldn't do that with the Google web search engine anymore, too many results. Try it with Google Blog Search. Fun!


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  1. Hi,
    Now that I've read a little of your blog, I don't think you want to join me on the Democratic Bench at the Dog Sled Lodge and Restaurant,but that's okay, I like your style.
    I know nothing about chickens, but I have two African Grey Parrots. Does that count for anything?


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