September 8, 2005

Fuming mad

I am so thoroughly disgusted. What in the world ever happened to self sufficiency? How dare those people lie there on their pallets and whine about the government not doing enough to help them? What kind of population have we that relies on the government to the extent that the water is rising and they do nothing to help themselves, unless it's helping themselves to looted things in department stores. Shame on those people!

When you look at the tv (and I can hardly watch the news on any channel anymore) and see the reality of the situation- it's the blacks who are the poor there, it's the blacks who lost everything with no way to recover, it's the blacks who didn't want to leave their homes because that's all they have, it's the blacks who were doing the looting - how can anyone who brings that reality to the attention of the world be called racist?

Who would have thought that the hurricane would have been so disastrous? After all, every weather forecast these days makes every weather event seem like the mother of all storms. Risk of rain, risk of lightening. You just can't talk like that all the time and expect people to listen when it really counts.

People! The people in charge are just people! They don't possess magic or supernatural powers to see into the future. Then, of course, there's politics, which must make it pretty durned hard to make a decision of any kind out of fear for being wrong and having to live with it for the rest of your life.

I can tell you, I am at the end of my rope with this country. I can not find anywhere in my heart to blame Bush for what happened. I can find a million reasons to boycott all things, places and people who smack of being liberal or Democrat. I could start my list with some of the movie stars who went down there for a moment of glory, but will never grace my tv screen again. Oprah, Julia Roberts, Chris Rock (not that I liked him anyway), Lisa Marie Presley, Gayle King. The Good Book says don't pray on a street corner and that is exactly what they were doing.

Gasoline. We are being robbed blind by the oil producers. If I had the power to make it happen, I'd call for a two day total strike in this country. Every single person in this country would sit at home, do not go to work, do not drive your vehicle, do not let your kids go to school, do not shop, do not see a movie, do nothing. Make this country come to a complete stand still. Ha! Failing that, I'd have the whole country stop for one minute and look up, cry to God, Help Us!


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  1. You are right. And I join you in the boycott. But for me it is easy as I designed my life that way to begin with. We work at home, homeschool and often don't go driving for a week or two. The Internet is a wonderful thing though! :)

    Frankly, it is foolish that people live ten feet below sea level along the coat in the hurricane belt to boot. We should not be wasting time, money or human resources on rebuilding New Orleans or the surrounding areas. Foolishness.


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