September 14, 2005

Buckskin Mare

Tonight was very special. In fact, the last three weeks have been very special. My two year old buckskin mare has graduated from "started" to "green horse".

But tonight was the best. I rode her bareback for a while at the glooming under a waxing gibbous moon. How glorious. She let me mount her from the mounting log, she did not move or figet, did not seem surprised once I was aboard her. I let her ramble where she wanted to go, not wanting anything of her other than to let me sit on her back while she walked. When she came to a stop, I dropped the reins and we just stood there taking it all in. I tried to keep breathing, it's so important. Lifting my arms up to shoulder height, I closed my eyes and concentrated on my breathing and on feeling the balance.

These two years have had a steep learning curve and finally, we are making progress. It was just about this time last year when twice a day at feeding time she'd like to have kicked me far away or run me down. Times have changed. Children - human and horses alike - grow up, learn some things, get some respect, learn to look for leaders and then follow them.

There's a good story in my story of my horse. My friend has been encouraging me to write it down to give other horse owners some comfort and encouragement. Stay tuned, part one is coming.

On an entirely different subject, I am going to the Republican Caucus tomorrow night. My son-in-law said the roll call should be short enough, lol. At the last Town Meeting Day, all the Republicans running for local offices had to run as Independents because someone dropped the petition ball. Can't have that happen again. There are precious few of us as it is.

Hen (and maybe Horse) Whisperer

PS. mr anonymous, no I do not want to sell all things possible on the internet and certainly NOT with you, so go away. I have visitor tracking on my blog and I was able to tell which ISP you use, so beware. I will report you. Now go play nice with the other little kids, ok?

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  1. The buckskin sounds wonderful. I know very little about horses. I have however, obedience trained and shown dogs. I love the feeling that comes with the knowledge that there is understanding and a common goal between oneself and the animal in training.


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