April 12, 2005

Food, getting the priorites straight

It was reported yesterday that studies showed milk and meat from cloned cows posed no problems. "A study by UConn researchers say the meat and milk are essentially identical to that from animals that reproduced normally." The word that bothers me is "essentially". In any report I heard yesterday they never described what is different. People, get ready. It won't be long until we don't know the source of any of our foods.

In the meantime, honeybees, who are responsible for pollinating vital crops are facing serious declines because of varroa mite infestations. Seems to me that the honeybees are more important than cloning cows. Being a beekeeper myself, I have seen the effects of mites and it's not pretty. There is a real danger of honeybees becoming endangered. Read this article about it. Imagine a world with no watermelons, blueberries, strawberries, pecans or beans.

I'm telling you, we need to get our priorities right.


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