April 14, 2005

Day-light Savings Time??

The day they announced that Congress may pass an altered version of Daylights Savings Time, the local NBC affiliate interviewed a real Vermonter dairy farmer to see what he thought about the proposal. Well, he didn't like to think it would pass because DST is very hard on his cows. How so? It takes them a long time to adjust to the change - getting fed an hour earlier or later as the case may be - and their milk production goes down. Cows are fussy creatures, you see, and become accustomed to having life be the same every day.

God, I love Vermont.



  1. I don't mind DST - in October...

    Good to see you posting regularly, Hen!

    Kindest regards to you and yours!


  2. Up here in the Great White North the province of Saskatchewan doesnt go on DST because of the cows. Last year the folks there defeated a referendum on DST.The folks in Biggar Saskatchewan have a sign coming into town which reads New York is Big but this is Biggar. Folks in our flat province are a tad different

  3. Biggar? Now that's a name!



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