April 6, 2005

Clucking Points

  • Over at Wikipedia, the free "encyclopedia" the article about Terri Shiavo is under fire from the BlogsforTerri folks for not having a neutral point of view. The article is extremely biased. Wikipedia allows a reader to edit articles but in every instance, including my own edit updating the polls to include the Zogby poll, the edits were taken out and the original restored. Check it out, it's very interesting.
  • Note to Fox News: All news all the time? It's become obsessive. First it was Robert Blake, then Kobe Bryant and Scott Peterson, then Michael Jackson, then Terri Schiavo, then The Pope. What has happened to "Fair and Balanced"? They've become more of an event coverage channel.
  • I am no music critic, that's for sure. I think this years group of American Idol singers are, by and large, awful.

1 comment:

  1. Agree about Fox News, Hen. I think that sucess has gone to their head. If so, then the news will become entertainment...

    Oh well, it lasted for a while...


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