April 4, 2005

How clean is your milk?

Raw milk can be healthier than current American staple.

Actually the headline should read Raw Milk IS Healthier than current American staple but I understand why they wouldn't go all the way out on the limb. None the less, the truth about milk is beginning to come to light. We've been without milk for months because the cows get dried off for the winter and I miss it, but the spring is coming and I can wait a few more weeks. That first raw milk from grass fed cows who have been eating the first growth of spring grass is practically yellow with wholesome butterfat. It tastes very much like melted ice cream.

Young girls, having been raised on store milk loaded with growth hormones, develop and begin their monthlies much earlier than girls raised on raw milk or milk without the growth hormones. Young boys also have problems from the growth hormone by earlier sexual development and can grow breasts from the estrogen that is in the growth hormone. Young people who are raised on low fat, 1% or 2% store bought milk suffer later in life from neurological problems because they've been deprived of fat that feeds growing neurological pathways. They are even encouraging new mothers to feed their babies low fat food products. It scares the heck out of me.


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  1. Geez, Hen! Is THAT why my boobs are so big?



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