December 14, 2009

Food marketing gone awry

If you can't see the text in the bragging sign, it says something on the order of "You can buy all this for $89.75 here at Hannaford or pay $98.21 for the same items at PriceChopper."

The only reason the food covers the bottom of the basket is the way they have it laid out. I reckon about 1/4 of the basket is 'filled'.

The items in the basket are crap food...Little Debbies, house brand cheap frozen fries, 'lite' cranberry juice, etc.

I've noticed that the groceries I buy have gone up to $25.00 a bag in the last few months, and that is all paper goods, canned organic dog food, cleaning and laundry supplies, and a few produce items like celery, carrots, cilantro or cucumbers. We don't have to buy meat, eggs, or dairy at the grocery store.

Anway, I'll end this rant with this: People, we are being hosed!

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