December 15, 2009

Cradle to Grave

I was listening to a bible study this morning and the pastor explained, "Jesus was born into a borrowed cradle, the manger, and was buried, after he was crucified on the cross, in a borrowed tomb." It really hit me but I wasn't sure of the significance.

Now I get it, a few hours later. Cradle to Grave. The Lord wants to take care of us, you and me, from cradle to grave. So does the government, but, snort, who is more prepared to do that and do that right? For me, that is easy...the Lord, owner of the universe, the one who knew you before the foundation of the world. Has he written your name in the Book of Life? I know mine is there. He has told me, personally, "I've got you in the palm of my hand" and I believe it.

Here we are at Christmas, at a very ugly point of time in the history of the country, indeed, in the world. The significance of Christmas has been lost through the ages. Understand this: God became Man in order to fufill the Law, more than the 10 commandments as the Jews had some 500 laws. He came as Jesus so that we, sons of Man, could be reconciled to him, returned to him, so that he could be our God and we, his people.

I hope you will take these things into your hearts and ponder them. In these coming times, the safest place to be will be under the protection of the Lord, Jesus the Christ, the savior.

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