March 6, 2009

Welcome Facebook blog followers!

Facebook is rather interesting. I've not been a fan of social networking sites because they tend, imo, to be overrun by ultra-liberal college kids without a clue as to why they are ultra-liberal. But I'm liking Facebook because the ultra-liberal stuff isn't in my face all the time, I'd have to go looking for it.

MSNBC did an article recently that said, "The fastest-growing crowd on Facebook is a new one, women over 55." Raises hand. That would be me. Grin.

I haven't figured out how to promote my blog on Facebook, but I can see the potential to reach millions of consumers to warn and educate about NAIS and the other bills before Congress to control every aspect of the food supply.

I'll be posting tomorrow, or maybe later today, a series of emails coming in from around the country about how ordinary people are being set up and shot down when they try to influence state legislators. We need to remember who these state legislators are when elections come around again and kick them out of office.

And there is news from Wisconsin where farmers are being notified that if they do not re-register their premises they will face fines of $5,000. All this while it was discovered that the premises registration database for Wisconsin is housed in....wait for it....


Please, buy my book. Click through the link on the right side bar. First They Came for the Cows will help you understand how NAIS got to where it is and it will help consumers understand what NAIS means to them.

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