March 7, 2009

NAIS White Paper

The National Independent Consumers and Farmers Association (NICFA) has just released a Report (White Paper) on the National Animal Identification System to go to all members of Congress, the general public, and all interested parties.

Please read and download the Report at

Please call your Congressman and Senators (find them at and respectively). Ask to speak to their Aide for agricultural issues. Talk to the aide about NAIS and ask to fax or email him the Report.

We want every member of Congress to receive this Report from a constituent.

If you'd like to get a full understanding of how USDA got the foothold they have, read my book, First They Came for the Cows: An Activist's Story. Click through the link on the right side bar.

I'll be on a radio show with my good friend and fellow freedom fighter, Doreen Hannes, on Tuesday next. For the particulars click over to her blog,

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