February 24, 2008

Grassroots Movement

P.O. Box 368, Bismarck, Arkansas 71929


The Arkansas Animal Producer's Association (ARAPA) will hold a state-wide meeting in Atkins on Sunday, March 2nd from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM at the Atkins High School Auditorium. The press and the public are encouraged to attend. The key note speaker will be nationally respected speaker and writer Doreen Hannes from Mt. Grove, Missouri. Hannes will utilize current federal documents to explain the national status of the USDA proposed National Animal Identification System (NAIS), nation-wide resistance to NAIS, legislation preventing a mandatory NAIS, and the expense and failure of similar systems in other countries. Under the proposed system animal owners would be required to register their land with the USDA, thus putting their property under federal jurisdiction, if they wanted to sell or take their animals off of their property. Owners, at their expense, would then be required to electronically identify their animals and report within 24 hours to a data base animal births, deaths, ownership transfers, and animal ingress and egress from their land. All animal owners must understand the USDA proposal in order to make appropriate decisions regarding NAIS to preserve their rights. NAIS is not just about farm animals.

Representative Roy Ragland from Marshall will detail efforts in Arkansas to prevent a mandatory NAIS. Representative Ragland, George, Martin, Norton, Green, Pyle, Burris and Senator Whitaker were sponsors of the FREEDOM TO FARM ACT in 2007. Delays prevented the bill from passing. It will be submitted for consideration in 2009. General Assembly members have been invited to attend and candidates for public office are invited to attend, pass out flyers, and campaign.

Documentary film maker Tim Smith from Fayetteville will discuss property rights issues and Agenda 21 which will affect all property owners. Mary Rivera from Gepp will discuss the resolutions against a mandatory NAIS that Quorum Courts are passing. Talk radio host Drew Raines will challenge the audience to be pro-active in preserving freedoms and liberties and the right to produce and sell animals and plants in the traditional manner.

A business meeting will be conducted to evaluate ARAPA, elect the Steering Committee, and make committee appointments. ARAPA is a grass roots, member controlled organization with no paid employees that organized in July of 2006, to provide independent animal owners with the opportunity to work together for their best interests. Preventing a mandatory NAIS was the first task undertaken. Members have presented documented information about NAIS at meetings of animal owners and those who support them across the state, Quorum Court meetings, and county Farm Bureau meetings. ARAPA sent representatives to Kansas City to the National ID Expo, to Washington D.C. to the Farm Food Voice Lobby Day, and to Cape Girardeau to the Senate Farm Bill Hearing. ARAPA submitted testimony to the Senate Agriculture Committee, at the request of Senator Lincoln, detailing the economic devastation a mandatory NAIS would create in Arkansas. ARAPA President Warren Phillips from Cave Springs hosts the ARAPA Hour each Thursday evening at 8:00 PM at
http://www.theamericanvoice.com. The program can also be heard by phone by dialing 712-580-1100 and using the entry code 97524#. Information of interest to all animal owners and supporters is posted on the ARAPA web site at http://arkansasanimalproducers.8k.com.

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