May 1, 2007

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Obewan said...

You guys are still looking for pet food contaminations (sic)........much of this gluten is food grade...this means we have been eating this melamine for many many years in very small quantities. Have you not seen the light that no one can be trusted? [Yes, I know no one in the food industry can be trusted.] Clearly Americans would not poison Americans. If you are that far away in are you going to get me? Your (sic) not.... they are not a democracy and have no laws like ours..... am I the only one that sees the bigger picture here? [No, Obewan, you aren't the only one. If you have read through my blog at all you would know that I am one of the awake ones.] The Chinese use melamine as a common practice to cut the gluten and have been doing it for the past 15 years. The melamine is a poison...animals died! Have you not seen chronic diseases skyrocket around you and in your family? [This is another area I have tried to enlighten others about. As the food supply becomes more corrupt, the more diseases we see, more obesity, more drugs need to be sold, etc. It drives me nuts, really, that the populace can't seem to connect the dots.] All imported processed foods from anywhere out side this country need to stop coming into this country immediately [We are in 100% agreement.] .....the products can not be trusted....should I say this again? Systematic auto immune chronic disease means tons of money for the drug companies who are dealing with this intentional poisoning of Americans and their pets. You were not suppose to find out that they were cutting the food with a a crack dealer gone bad!

Thanks for your comments, we are on the same page. We need people like you, obviously awake to what is happening, to help us wake others up. Events in this country are happening faster and faster. It is frustrating that the majority of the citizens won't stand up and make a loud noise.

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  1. truebluealex3:21 AM

    I couldn't agree with you more!!!! I think that it's ridiculous & stupid to import food/ingredients from outside of the US (like we don't have our own companies and food manufacturers, etc., to worry about!). This makes A GOOD EXAMPLE OF HOW WORTHLESS the NAIS IS & would be... Microchipping Farm Animals (or any animal) & Premises Registration ID's DON'T & won't do any good no matter what, for food crises, contaminations, poisons, etc.; ESPECIALLY when everything is imported from another country!!!!!


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