April 29, 2007

NAIS in Missouri

Mike Johnson, National Cattlemen's Beef Association testified before the Missouri House Ag Policy Committee last Thursday:

those opposed to this program (NAIS) are mostly animal rights activists, environmental extremists, or people with diseased animals.
Yeah, Mike, that's what we are. . .not! What we are is aware of the unconstitutionality of NAIS and how you big agribiz guys have a large financial stake in the outcome so you will say anything to make NAIS happen.

Dr Taylor Woods, State Vet of Missouri testified for "information purposes" on Thursday's House Ag Policy Committee chaired by John Quinn. He said, "Two or three weeks ago in Sacramento, Dr. John Clifford of the USDA told us that if we didn't have this animal id in our state we would lose our brucellosis, tuberculosis and pseudorabies virus free status and have to test everything." But of course, this is a "voluntary with a capital V program"!!

Here is an update about NAIS in fight in Missouri from Doreen Hannes:

What? NAIS in Missouri
Where? Jefferson City Capitol Building-Hearing room area in basement
When? May 1st, Tuesday at 8:30am
Why? Because Chairman Quinn will not allow SB428 out of committee as it passed the Senate 29-2.....If you care at all, now is the time to take action.

On Tuesday morning, May 1st we absolutely must be in Jefferson City to hit every reps office with a simple, solid message regarding NAIS. That message is:

"We need No NAIS in the state of Missouri. No "voluntary", no mandatory and definitely no "State" NAIS. Bring Senate Bill 428 to the floor as it passed the Senate 29-2 and let the people be represented."

Here is the plan...We will meet in the basement Hearing Room area at 8:30 am and will have a brief meeting and split up the offices of the reps between those who show up. Then we will meet with every rep possible face to face and let them see that we are serious about this and do not want anything to do with it. Your rep is only one of those who makes laws that affect you. Every representative is your representative.

We must let them see that people are concerned enough about this to show up. Every single person represents many times themselves. Please show up. You can't have anything better to do than to fight for your own ability to feed yourselves. Remember less than 2% of the national population is involved in agriculture and this will take care of all but corporate ag, which
will then quickly go south of the border in search of cheap labor.

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