February 3, 2007

The Useless Guide finally made it into the Federal Register

Published Thursday in Federal Register. At first they said 3 documents were available, but they didn't have them all on the website at that time.

National Animal Identification System (NAIS) official identification devices with animal identification number, 4680–4681 [E7–1719] [Text, PDF, Summary]

Note that this is an official comment period. Comment should be made within 30 days - do it ASAP:

Comments regarding these information collections are best assured of having their full effect if received within 30 days of this notification. Copies of the submission(s) may be obtained by calling (202) 720–8958.
Comments about any of these documents or other aspects of the NAIS may be submitted to USDA through the NAIS Web site e-mail address: animalidcomments@aphis.usda.gov or by mail to NAIS Program Staff, VS, APHIS, 4700 River Road, Unit 200, Riverdale, MD 20737

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