February 6, 2007

Arizona No NAIS Bill



Forty-eighth Legislature, First Regular Session


national animal identification system; nonparticipation


Prohibits State participation in the National Animal Identification System (NAIS) and similar federal animal tracking programs.


NAIS is a federal, voluntary animal tracking program that requires premises registration and animal identification. It is a federally funded information system that aids in response to animal disease events in the United States. Currently, 48 states participate in NAIS.

In Arizona, NAIS is managed by the Arizona Department of Agriculture (Department). In FY 2005-2006, the Department focused on premises identification registration is now phasing in animal identification tags and microchips as premises identification is completed. According to the Department, of the estimated 5,170 premises in Arizona, 805, or 15.6 percent, have been registered under the program. In addition, Mohave, Yuma and Camp Verde fairs require NAIS registration before an animal may be entered to show.

Branding requirements for range livestock were enacted into Arizona law in 1905. Currently, every person who owns range livestock must adopt and record a brand or an earmark with the Animal Services Division of the Department to identify their livestock. Sheep must be marked distinctly with a mark or device sufficient to distinguish them.

The 2006 Legislature passed a bill that allows the director (Director) of the Department of Agriculture to cooperate with federal agencies in NAIS activities. The bill also determined that premises registration data, animal identification data and animal tracking data collected by the Director pursuant to NAIS are not subject to state public disclosure requirements.

There will be no fiscal impact to the General Fund as a result of this bill.


1. Removes cooperation with NAIS and its components from statute.

2. Prohibits the Director, Department or any other officer, agency or instrumentality of Arizona from participating in NAIS or other similar federal program and any registration of premises on which livestock is held.

3. Voids and terminates any agreement between an Arizona officer and any other state or the United States regarding NAIS, animal identification or registration of premises on which livestock is held.

4. Becomes effective on the general effective date.

Prepared by Senate Research

February 5, 2007


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