June 2, 2006

USDA/APHIS: Past performamce is a predicter for future actions

The following story is from a Lone Star state small rancher. Read it and realize this type of action is not unusual. Imagine how much worse it will be if NAIS comes into force.

We already had the USDA/APHIS?Texas Department of Agriculture come onto our property once. They were trying to find a fever tick cow, insisted we had one, chemically dipped (we are organic) all our cows then said they had the wrong cows. A major producer had pointed them in our direction and they didn't check ear tags until all was done! They schloshed toxic chemicals all over, injured three cows (one got caught between the chute and dip tank hanging upside down and we had to get our tractor to pull it apart), marked all our cattle with yellow quarantine paint. They just picked up and left us in a mess, no apology, said they weren't responsible for injured cattle. It all happened so fast and they represented we didn't have a choice in the matter.

A new link of an activist fighting the good fight against NAIS:

Click your way also to libertyark.net and sign up as a supporter. This is going to be very important once we are ready to go to Congress to say No NAIS!


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