November 2, 2005

Wisconsin Livestock Identification Consortium (WLIC)

It's official now. The NAIS, Wisconsin style, was made mandatory on 1 November. Sigh. I've written to quite a few Wisconsin sustainable, CSA, biodiversity farms asking for their opinions, thoughts and feelings about the mandatory compliance.

If you click through to the link be sure you catch the very bottom of the page, where cleverly, they have declared this mission to be The Right Thing To Do. I wonder who came up with that fabulous tag line? I object to their use of that phrase and I hate the word stakeholder. The word picture that brings to mind is a farmer with a stake through her or his heart.

If you want to see what the forms look like, they are pdf files so you need Adobe Reader to view them.

(From the site) Which animals are considered "livestock"?

  • Bovine (bison and cattle)
  • Horses and other equine
  • Poultry
  • Swine
  • Sheep
  • Farm-raised deer and other cervids
  • Fish (kept at a fish farm)
  • Captive game birds
  • Goats
  • Llams, alpacas or other camelids
  • Ostriches, emus, or other ratites
Well, now we have a definitive list.

I'll post again soon with replies from the Wisconsin farmers, I hope. Unless they also had to give up their individual freedoms of speech when they accepted the plan.


PS. Since blogging about the NAIS I've received over 400 hits. Thanks for stopping by, all you people. Now, armed with information, rise up!! We cannot continue to let our freedoms slip away. If we do nothing, we'll be just like the people who knew about the concentration camps but did nothing. Just like them. JUST LIKE THEM! JUST LIKE THEM.

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