November 9, 2005

The Real Deal: Tagging Terrorist Chickens

This is the most cogent take on the National Animal Identification System (NAIS) that I've read. Take the time to click through and read it.

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  1. On a discussion list I frequent someone wrote: "the purpose [of NAIS] is very specific and is stated right up front: To provide "trace back" in the case of disease outbreak. If an animal shows up with a contagious disease they want to be able to trace back all other animals that might have come in contact with it."

    The problem is the government is implementing NAIS to cover a lot more than the above needs.

    The National Animal Identification System is totally unnecessary for the homestead. If you are growing food for your own consumption you already have 100% trace back. You know where your animals came from, where they went. The government does not need to be involved.

    NAIS is also not needed for direct farm to consumer sales. Again there is already 100% trace back available. I breed and raise most of my own livestock which I sell directly to the consumer. I know exactly where it has been. My customer knows where they got it. The government does not need to be involved.

    NAIS is not needed for pets either for the same reasons.

    NAIS is to benefit the big businesses and the consumers who buy from the big businesses. It is harmful to individuals who raise their own food and to small farms. The government is offering us paper work, snooping, threatening huge fines and confiscation of our property.

    The information collected under NAIS is not secure - it can be gotten by people like P. E, Tee-A under the Freedom Of Information Act. That is very scary. Do we want those freaks knowing where we are and exactly what we have so they can come vandalize our farm, destroy our property, burn our home and kill our family?!? No.

    NAIS as written is a horrible idea and it should NOT be implemented. NAIS is big government gone way, way overboard and horribly wrong. I hope that people will write their congressional critters, local newspapers, the USDA, etc. We must act now while we still have the right to keep livestock. Once NAIS passes it will be much harder to get rid of and it will be followed by further trashing of our rights.


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