June 29, 2005

J=J=Jack! I'm back.

I've been thinking about posting, but have been so busy; summer around the farm, you know? Plus I've been pretty disgusted about the way politics are going, so I just didn't want to post. But Jack's kind inquiry has encouraged me to write again. Thanks, Jack.
I've got a few clucking points:

  • Billy Graham proved that he has sold out to the evil one by saying in front of the packed arena that Bill Clinton ought to be a missionary and let his wife run the country. Huh? I thought he liked it in the closet. Imagine the screaming about separation of church and state if the reverend had said something similar about President Bush.
  • Freestar Media, clever kids, posted on their website that they are going to try to use the new Supreme Court Ruling (neat how the court amended the constitution without having to go through the messiness of actually doing it the legal way) to build a hotel on Justice David H. Souter's land in Weare, NH.

    This morning my opinion of Freestar Media changed when fresh content on their website declared: "The best way you can help us right now is to purchase an advertisement on our website. If you don't need an ad we can donate your ad to a worthy non-profit such as the Institute for Justice. On Tuesday June 28, 2005 over 380,000 people visited our website. Wouldn't you like them to see your ad? We have received thousands of e-mails and hundreds of phone calls of people offering to invest in this project. We are overwhelmed. We urgently need cash to move to larger offices, hire staff and hire attorneys so we can legally accept these funds. If you buy advertising on our site we can move forward.

    I dunno, the plea for money because they now need to move into larger quarters leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
  • How does Greta Van Susteren do it day after day down there in Aruba, asking the same questions over and over again all the while acting like a Nancy Drew sleuth.
  • As heard from a senator when being interviewed about the Ten Commandments decision the other day: "It's not good to have the Ten Commandments in public places for children to see."
  • And finally, Ted Kennedy. What has happened to his command of the English language? Does anyone understand him? Do his peers? How does he stay in office?

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  1. GREAT to have you back, Hen!

    To each of your points:

    -Never was that impressed with BG. He was always a man of extreme compromise--his most recent episode just affirms his lifelong commitment to homogeneity. (I know thats a bad word with you, Hen!:)

    -To take action on the Supreme Court eminent domain issue:

    News Snipet 'Blog: GET MAD!

    -Drudge mentioned that Greta's ratings topped O'Reilly's! Can you believe it? Maybe Bill should get an eye-tuck

    -Ted Kennedy. He is finally speaking his native language. Huttese (as in Jabba the Hutt)

    Thrilled your back, Hen!



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