March 18, 2005

Terry's Case

Even though I voiced my strong opinion about this on newssnipet, I feel the need to speak up again. The way it has unfolded is dreadful. There but for the grace of God go we, any of us.

Since yesterday new information about the case has come to my attention (read I was driving to a client and had a long trip to and fro so I listened to talk radio). The husband, if you can call him that for his adulterous ways, is an RN. He has been called by Terry's brother and parents the cause of her physical condition. Apparently the husband has stood in the way of any attempts at bettering her situation. At one point she was having speech therapy, but he put a stop to it. He's afraid for her to talk. Why? And why doesn't he want to just get a divorce? He's got two kids with the woman he lives with.

Seems to me rather than tie up Congress, some arm of the law ought to get involved and do an investigation.

The judge is typical of the new liberal judges who thinks he is above and beyond the law and the government. He ought to be called to account, as all judges should be.

None of this should be happening. There are many cases of PVS patients lying in hospitals all around this country. This case has the potential of opening the door for each one of them to tie up Congress. Another Pandora's box.

In closing, I will say that my heart and prayers are with Terry's parents in this very difficult time. How can any of us judge, really?


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  1. Hen, all around its a tragic mess. Terri's husband has no credibility and it is amazing anyone would believe he has her best interest in mind. He's been heard to say "When's the bitch going to die?", and other vulgar comments.

    The right to die should be the individual's decision, which makes these living wills all that more important. We only have a her husband's highly suspect word on the matter--we have never heard from Terri herself.

    Our societal barbarism is evident now though as we are allowing a woman to starve to death--who knows what she feels or doesn't. We are more merciful to murdering-child-molesters!


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