March 7, 2005

Raw Milk

The news story out today that claims milk is not a good source of calcium is actually true, even the the source of the "research", Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, has a link to PETA. PCRM president Neal Barnard also runs The PETA Foundation. Neat, huh? It's all about agenda and nothing to do with you, Mr or Mrs Consumer or your children.

Milk, in its current form isn't any good for us. Pasteurization and homogenization kill the milk. Homogenization causes heart disease. Pasteurization kills the friendly bacteria that our guts need to digest food. The growth hormones rBGH or rBST cause young girls and boys to sexually mature early. Check out the Campaign for Real Milk.

Note to PETA: If you really want to be of help, educate the people about the dangers of drinking soy milk.


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  1. Hen! Didn't know any of this stuff! Keep educating us...something I need to look into.


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