March 1, 2005

The magic 8-ball knows all

Oh Magic 8-ball, who is behind the anti-Iraq War resolution that appeared on more than 50 Town Meeting Day warnings across Vermont?

Magic 8-Ball says: My answer - The ACLU

Read the full Times Argus article.

"The resolution is not without its detractors. John McClaughry, president of the Ethan Allen Institute, calls the resolution an attempt by anti-war activists to "hijack" Vermont's town meetings.

"I'm tired of fighting the election of 2004 all over again with the left wing screaming 'Bush lied' and finding ever new venues to raise that position," McClaughry said Monday. "We counted the votes. It's over. Let's move on. If they want to have a rally on the Statehouse lawn, fine. But I have a problem with the hijacking of town meeting to serve ulterior motives and that's what I see this as doing."
I'll say.

Anyway, as one thing leads to another, clicking my way around I've discovered that the Executive Director of the Vermont Network on Iraq Resolutions is also the Executive Director of American Friends Service Committee. In part their mission statement says:

The American Friends Service Committee is concerned with the world as it is and as it ought to be. Fundamental beliefs in the individual—seeing the Divine in each person—and in the need for peace and justice guide our activities. AFSC is dedicated to nonviolence: opposing both the overt violence of war and the covert violence that erodes the human spirit through deprivation and indifference. (emphasis is mine)

Wouldn't the liberals be more happy if they just dealt with the present world as it is not live in a world as they THINK it ought to be.

As I researched these traitors more, I finally found the ACLU connection to the AFSC. Ben Scotch. As a lawyer, he has been involved in Native American affairs and welfare issues. He worked on the legal staff of a Senate subcommittee, thanks to an appointment by Sen. Patrick Leahy. And for 15 years he served as chief staff attorney for the Vermont Supreme Court. For several years Scotch was executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Vermont.

Bingo. The Magic 8-Ball is always right.

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  1. Which goes to show that the final evolution of liberalism is in essence fascism, Hen. Great post!!


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