December 2, 2009

Hungry? Tough! There's transfats in that.

From Beyond the Broken Spectrum

Bloomberg partly to blame for city’s starvation

New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg is just another reason why people there are starving. According to a local soup kitchen, they have to constantly throw out donations of perfectly good food due to the city’s law banishing trans fat that took effect in July 2008. The law bans everyone with health department food licenses, including emergency food providers, from serving any foods with trans fat in them.

Government running wild anyone?

Another way to prevent the people from eating is Senator Dianne Feinstein's new bill.

The bill would amend the Poultry Products Inspection Act, the Federal Meat Inspection Act and the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act to prohibit the sale of any processed poultry, meat and FDA-regulated food that has not either undergone a pathogen reduction treatment, or been certified to contain no verifiable traces of pathogens.

The bill would also require labels on ground beef, or any other ground meat product, specifically naming every cut of meat that is contained in the product.

Finally, the bill would do away with what she called loopholes in current laws that allow for producers to add coloring, synthetic flavorings and spices to their products without informing the consumer.

"By enacting these simple changes, the Processed Food Safety Act will drastically reduce the presence of pathogens in our food and improve the ability of the consumer to make informed choices about the products they wish to eat," Feinstein said in a news release.

Here is some wording from the bill. You can read the bill in full here.

(A) each ingredient in the poultry or poultry product that was added, modified, or otherwise handled by the person has undergone a pathogen reduction treatment in accordance with requirements of the Secretary that will reduce the presence of pathogens of public health concern and other harmful food borne contaminants; or

`(B) the person has tested and certified that each ingredient in the poultry or poultry product that was added, modified, or otherwise handled by the person contains no verifiable traces of pathogens.'.

The thing you believe they can completely eliminate pathogens? And why would they want to anyway? Understand that 'pathogen reduction treatment' can mean irradiation or washing fat (which will later be added to ground beef from animals imported from all over the world to add bulk and texture to those $1.00 hamburgers) with ammonia. See Food Inc Part 4 on Marler Blog.

If they really wanted to solve the problem they could do it by cleaning up the way feedlots are run for starters. And, outlaw GMOs. But they won't do either, or in fact any real solutions, because it would mean a loss of profits for the big boys.

I'm just glad, no - estatic - that I do not have to buy meat from the grocery store and I pray that I never have to, ever again.

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  1. I would love to have your life. I would love to raise my own food.


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