September 24, 2009

Welcome Vermont Tea Party Bloggers

We'll be posting a blog roll over the next few weeks of the new Vermont Tea Party bloggers. It is important, in this very liberal state filled with people who just believe what they are told by MSM, that we offer an outlet for the real truth.

The truth will set you free.

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  1. Hi! I am so happy to see a post-menopausal website!

    I am also a 57 year old post-menopausal woman in Vermont and I was furious that my assessed value of my home was doubled in 2008 while, nationally, home values decreased.

    I live in Chester, Vermont, 12 miles from Okemo Ski Resort in Ludlow, VT. 80% of homes in Ludlow are owned by rich out-of-state people who can afford a second home for fun. Apparently the real estate agents ran out of homes in Ludlow to sell, so the new appraisal of Chester, VT homes in 2008 doubled our values.

    For example, in 2008, my home value was doubled from 117,000 to 220,000. That's COW MANURE ARITHMETIC IN MY OPINION!

    MY 2009 property tax exceeded 5% of my annual income. MORE COW MANURE! BIRD DRIPPINGS FROM THE SKY!

    You would not believe the antics I tried to get my property tax re-evalution thrown in the trash where the bogus bull belongs. I even went on down there to the town and in a public hearing stated that I take RX medicines and they are going, by toilette, out into my septic, and therefore my home value is lower because my lawn and garden are affected by chemicals from my RXs. They denied my appeal to lower my property value. Hell, what else could I think of?

    DID YOU KNOW THAT AN INDEPENDENT CANDIDIATE MAY chose up to three descriptive words to put on the ballot rather than "independent"; therefore, if I can get enough ballot access petition signatures, I'm going on the ballot as "TEA PARTY PATRIOTS" 2010.

    See this for info:


    Cris Ericson
    879 Church Street
    Chester, Vermont 05143


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