July 17, 2009

I need names for my 'project'

Fellow activists... I have had a project going for a little while now. In June we issued a special "Call to Arms" asking for donations. We got some, could use some more though, if you are kind enough to donate.

In the second step of this project I need a list of names of people who are against NAIS. A thousand names or more. More would be better but a thousand would also work. In order for us to use your name we need your permission. This is not for a petition, but for media exposure. That is all I can say about it right now, I hope you will understand.

So, for the willing, here is what I propose. Leave a comment here on my blog with your Name. That's all, your full name but no address, no other identifier. Your real name. I will be deleting stupid alias names like Donald Duck and the like, but please, don't waste my time doing that. By leaving a comment with your name it signifies your agreement to the use of your name in the media by me one time and one time only.

We need over a thousand names and we could also use more donations. If you have questions that I can answer, leave a comment here or email me at henwhisperer at gmail dot com.

Let's roll.


  1. you have my name for your list-smiles
    Rivkah Cohen

  2. jayedee h. dewitt
    geneva, florida

  3. When I first heard about NAIS I thought there's no way they can enforce that. Besides how would they find me I'm in a small little town that's barely on the map. Well next thing I know a lady shows up on my doorstep with a google earth map in one hand and a clipboard with a questionaire in the other. She gave me a business card with her credentials on it and explained that they -the State Dept. of Argiculture do a survey each year, and that my area was selected randomly to participate.
    I told her I don't trust the government and I think that the NAIS is the mark of the beast. After that I spoke with my neighbors, and learned that they've been coming to this neighborhood for the past 3 years doing their random survey. Ironically they don't go all the way to the end of our road where there happens to be some old money with a morgan breeding farm.
    Some of the questions seemed geared to find out about possible food resources for the govt. in the event of an emergency event. "Do you have grain silos? Do you grow wheat? How many (chickens,cows, goats, horses, etc.) do you have? Do you have a garden? Do you sell any products (produce, eggs, milk, meat) locally or out of state? How much land do you have?
    My gut feeling is that the cap & trade, the NAIS, and the food safety bill (HR 875) are all intertwined.
    I try and tell anyone who will listen that we need to fight this.
    You have my support.
    Melissa Hodsdon

  4. You didn't even need to ask for my name!
    Kathy Johnson

  5. You have permission to use my name...Jennifer L Simpson. I am a small hobby farmer, and think our government has completely run amuk...NAIS isn't about protecting our food, but it is all about government control...and I want nothing to do with it.

  6. Pamela Kelly

    Opposed to NAIS and always will be. Stay off my farm!

  7. I live in a small farming community where it is hard to change peoples minds. But I have always been active politically so being a consertive it is easy seeing the evil behind such things as NAIS .
    Our state (PA )now requires that all goats and sheep have ID ear tags in the name of scrapies control. In order for me to sell any of my baby pygmies I had to register my farm. But that does not mean I am giving up on fighting the NAIS. And I am not willing to register my meat chickens (for 12 weeks of life)that never leave my yard.
    I have printed posters ,flyers and petitons and posted them in every kennel,vet office,feed store and convience store in my area to try to inform the average person that if they do this to farm animals their pets are next.
    I feel if we just inform 5 people the word will spread.
    so you deffinatley have my permission to use my name
    Carol A. Greiner, West Deer Twp. PA.

  8. Count my wife and I in
    Albert Seifert
    Rhonda Hammonds

  9. You know you can use MY name!
    Karen Nowak, Brookfield, NY

  10. Kathi Martin, can be added to the list. NAIS is one of the worst wastes of money they have come up with in a long time. Not to mention, an invasion of privacy.

  11. Suzanne Gagnon

  12. You can use my name, Dean Zimmerman


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