April 7, 2009

Homosexual marriage veto overturned in Vermont

Ok. So be it. You got your way by way of bullying and threatening the legislature. Be happy now, will you? Remember that the divorce rate is 50% among heterosexuals, so determine to be a good example.

I'll say this; what can come of two people of the same gender getting a license from the state to be permitted to share resources? Nothing but shared resources.

A union between two people of the same gender can't produce children, though I know lesbians who have gotten in vitro fertilization and had children. I worry for the boy children of such unions because what does their parents homosexuality tell them?

If marriage is no longer an exclusive union between a man and woman then who is to say it has to be limited to just two people, or people at all?

My moral guide, Christ Jesus, says that homosexuality is an abomination. I'll stick with him and stay safe in these coming times.


  1. Not only do lesbian couples have in vitro fertilization but homosexual couples can adopt. I worry for all of their kids as to what they're learning, as I do for the kids of heterosexual couples who just live together and don't marry.

    I saw a bumper sticker years ago that has become my motto - "God said it, I believe it, and that settles it." If we turn to the scriptures we are reminded constantly that to conduct our lives contrary to God's teachings puts us on that slippery slope to hell. Well, I'm not sure we're not already there. God bless you for your courage to speak out on this important, and controversial, issue. -Sandy

  2. Anonymous6:50 PM

    Wow - Bigotrous. Intolerant Ignorance is alive and well... sadly...

  3. The only one who is intolerant around here is you, Tolerance 101. From your profile on Livejournal

    I see that you have put 'faith&goodness without god" under your interests. That's my whole point! There can be no goodness without God because we are all sinners, ALL, and he is the only goodness there is. [side note: faith in what? What could anyone possibly have faith in if not the faith that God gives us freely?]

    I've said it before and I'll say it again.... with liberals it is all about tolerance until it happens to them.

    If you are brave enough to come back and read this, good for you. Now ask yourself this question. Where will you spend eternity? That is your question of the day.

  4. You know, it seems that the only thing so-called tolerant people can't tolerate is other people's opinions when they disagree with their own. -Sandy

  5. What would you suggest a homosexual do, then?
    To pick up the cross and follow Jesus, should they live a loveless life, alone or surrounded by pets? Do you honestly believe that homosexuality is a "choice"?
    I find it very difficult to imagine homosexuality as a "choice"--who would choose to upset their family and risk eternal damnation?
    I ask your opinion sincerely.

  6. Hi, again, Hen Whisperer.
    I had never visited your blog prior. I was redirected through the They Came for the Cows link through Citizens United Against NAIS (Texas). Please do not post my question, as I do not wish to hear from others on my e-mail account. I simply would like to know what you think. Please. I messed up by providing my e-mail address.
    Thank you.

  7. If you seriously want my thoughts, I am happy to tell you. You say a loveless life. It has been my own experience in life, and having had homosexual friends (gasp...who knew??), that sex/lust is often confused with love. Lust and love are different things, vastly different. Lust is one tool that the enemy uses to make people forget that they have a choice to turn back to God. Remember, life is a spiritual battle.

    I do believe that homosexuality is a choice, though often not an active choice as in I choose to wear this blue dress rather than the green one. I have known people who made the active choice to go gay because they hadn't been successful with heterosexual relationships. Somewhere, sometime in a person's life homosexuality took hold through a circumstance and stayed stuck. The lust feelings are so compelling and addictive that the person forgets to remember that God made Man and Woman. Then he told them to multiply to populate the earth. Homosexuality is a dead end street in that way. No matter how much homosexuals stomp, cry, whine or bully other people, the fact of the matter, the whole truth, is that it takes a man and a woman to make children. That in itself should say something.

    Now, let me address the part about taking up the cross and following Jesus. If you were to look to Jesus and ask him to come into your heart you would be so surprised to discover that the love he has to offer you will fill every nook and cranny in your heart and life. He will continue with what it was he had planned for you ever since he formed you in your mother's womb.

    He offers peace of heart and soul like nothing else can.

    I wish I could see you, Stacy, face-to-face to help you understand the truth about Jesus. I invite you to think about it and be brave enough to ask Jesus this question: Show yourself, Lord. Your job after that is to pay attention, stay awake, remember to remember that you are looking for Jesus.

    You might even go one step further and invite him into your life, tell him you are repentant of your sins (remember, we are all sinners, ALL), and ask for his forgiveness.

    That is all that God wants! He wants his people to turn back to him. It is the hardest easiest thing.

    I pray that you come back here and read this. I'll pray for you.

  8. Stacy, I have no email address for you, so you are safe. No one can find out anything about you from your profile either. You remain anonymous.

  9. There are a lot of things that we have a genetic predisposition to - alcoholism, drug dependence, overeating, a terrible temper, child molesting, unrighteous sexual desires. Just because someone was born with those tendencies doesn't mean they have to act on them. I don't think the argument of "Well what am I supposed to do? Deny that which I have no choice over?" holds much validity. The answer is yes, deny that which is contrary to the will of God. We all have our cross to bear, we all have our struggles. But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. -Sandy


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