March 21, 2009

Two Open Letters to Chairman David Scott, Subcommittee on Livestock, etc.

I've been offline for a few days due to a hard spanking by Wildblue for going over our bandwidth. I have to say Thanks to Kevin who works in the escalation office who restored our usage. In the meantime, two open letters about the fake hearing in Congress the other day have been published. I want to make sure that you read them.

First letter by Marti Oakley:

The Honorable David Scott

Chairman, House Committee on Agriculture

Subcommittee on Livestock, Dairy and Poultry

1301 Longworth House Office Building

Washington, D.C. 20515-6001

RE: Testimony for March 11, 2009 Hearing on Review of Animal Identification Systems

Dear Chairman Scott and Subcommittee Members:

I am Marti Oakley, a consumer, writing to ask you to reject the USDA’s attempts to make mandatory the National Animal Identification System and as a companion assault on private property ownership, the Premises ID.

Having witnessed first hand the common contempt displayed by congress, if not outright disregard, when the public attempts to assert their opinions on pending legislative activity, please know that I will post this letter to you in every possible venue. The American public needs to know what is about to happen to independent farmers and ranches if NAIS is made mandatory, or, if any of the fake [food safety] bills are forced into law. They also need to be made aware of the resulting threat to not only food production, but its subsequent reduction in quality that will result.

Experience has taught me that what may appear to be an innocuous change in wording in reality is a change in legal definition and standing within the law. This is how [treaties] are re-designated as [agreements] to side step Constitutional criteria and protections and allowing illegal implementation of agreements usurping US law.

Read the rest here. Link will open a new window.

Second letter by Darol Dickinson:

Wednesday I listened with attentiveness to the “Public Hearing” on NAIS. I respectfully was sickened by the flawed information presented by the USDA to members of the committee. I was equally nauseated by the choice of “briefers” USDA had chosen to inform members of the Senate and Congress about NAIS prior to the hearing. Please share these points with your associates who are considering making a decision on NAIS that will adversely affect livestock producers from the smallest up to the largest operations for the rest of our lives.

1) NAIS proposes 48 hour trace back; it would not change food safety. Every human sickness from meat products is caused by incorrect processing, which are stamped and approved by USDA inspectors. Nothing before slaughter is detrimental to human health. The proposed NAIS ends before slaughter.

2) USDA presented NAIS as an important issue that must be dealt with promptly. That is not true. There is no urgency, no need, no rush and no value.

3) At this time the USA has the most disease free livestock in the world and the safest food. The system used by the once dedicated USDA has and will safely serve the nation. It is not out dated as you were falsely told. US private enterprise herd health is the professional example to the world.

Read the rest here. Link will open a new window.

Please come back here and buy First They Came for the Cows: An Activist's Story. Now more than ever you need to understand the history of NAIS.

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