December 6, 2008

Farmers, carry a video camera with you. It has come to that

Swat Team conducts food raid in rural Ohio

Folks, we are living in perilous times. It is OK to have some small parts per million of Chinese sourced melamine in baby formula, but by God, just try to buy local food, or raw milk, and the Feds and local goons descend on you like a ton of bricks.

The story above is about heavy handed tactics, including a SWAT team, on a local food coop in Ohio. The SWAT team kept the family, including the children, under gun point for some 7 hours while they rifled their house and personal possessions and took things that were not listed on the warrant. All this while the woman's husband is serving in Iraq. Read the whole story here.

Surprise, surprise, there is hardly any local news about the incident.

Read David Gumpert's blog, the complete patient, for more incidents like this. These things are mounting as industrialized agriculture and it's whoreish partner, USDA, begin to realize that people are interested in real food that is healthy.

I include a comment from the linked website by Mark MacAfee, owner of Organic Pastures Dairy in California, because it contains important information for farmers who find themselves looking down the barrel of a gun or at the face of an inspector or other bootjack.

All farmers should now carry video cameras and be ready to use them when they are attacked or their homes are occupied by swat teams and government thugs.

The media loves juicy footage. I guarantee that these criminals will lose their jobs and perhaps even have charges brought against them….

Video is the strongest thing we have…the next strongest is the

Gary Cox esq. can use this video to bring them to justice….make sure you tell your story. Stay peaceful and let the otther side fall into the quicksand.

Where is the national media on this???? This is an outrage!!

Mark McAfee
Founder OPDC

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