February 13, 2008

I'm up, not sleeping, might as well bloviate

The NAIS noose is tightening, ever so slowly, but tightening even so. As it tightens more people are waking up. They are falling into the list groups screaming the sky is falling...must have help now! Like we didn't know it, yeah, for the last three years. Welcome to the world of the awake. We are ready for you to be energetic, because we are getting tuckered out.

Even with all these new people and their new state of awakeness, they still are just internet warriors. Yes, that is my opinion. I fall into the state myself from time to time, but when the chips are down and the urgency of the situation, creeping NAIS getting a snake like stranglehold on local farming that will be felt in local economies as a current example, requires it, I am there. I will do what it takes to 'make it happen', and that means leaving the comfort of my LazyBoy and lap top. Other sacrifices are required, as well; must leave the farm, where my heart is a peace, leave the critters and husband, travel by car (my choice, offers the most personal freedom). But, you know, these sacrifices are nothing compared to the larger sacrifices we will be forced to make, and not under our own will, if we don't DO SOMETHING soon.

More people are also waking up to the way a certain Texas lobbying group seems to mess up every state's legislation when said group gets involved.

One of my personal frustrations is not being able to quantify the numbers of those friendly to our no NAIS cause. People hide behind false names, some post under several names. There are lurkers who never post. There are government eaves-droppers, that's another form of lurking. Sometimes the 'moles' will play as shills and ask questions right out of Locate in 48. Aside from being annoying, I know we annoy them because we give them the facts right out of the documents. What can they say then? Hmmmm.....do you suppose that is why Under Secretary Bruce Knight failed to answer our questions.

So, people, you must be alerted to this fact: The time is at hand. Our window of opportunity is going to be getting ever closer to being shut. What are you doing, outside of your internet warrioring?

Can you do 10 a day?

My friend Doreen Hannes wrote a wonderful piece on NewsWithViews the other day, talk
about the elephant in the room. It brought to my memory an old training tool. It had to do with how people look at a problem, a big problem in our case, and the problem seems so big that it could never be accomplished. In the training they taught us how to see the elephant as it's parts. Maybe you couldn't eat the whole elephant, but you could eat its foot. Get my meaning?

This is why I personally am glad there are new people filled with fire wake in the fight. We've become so used to seeing the elephant, new eyes will be able to see how to break it down into its parts.

Under "10 a da
y" you would contact 10 people, people in all walks of life, via letters to the editiors, putting up posters someplace (just keep some in your car or at your desk and take them with you were ever you go.) Make up business cards for yourself that has anti-NAIS information on it. There doesn't have to be a big explaination, just something that could start a conversation.
Do all of this out of your house, well, except for writing the letters to the editor. Contact your State Ag Dept. and get a relationship going with somebody. Find out who the Agriculture Policy Adviser is for your Senators and Congressmen. Try to get on television. Upload a video to Youtube. Just spending 10 minutes a day doing something to get the word out, not on the computer but in real life, can have a serious impact. Especially if we all do it together in concert.

Let's be
people who have fire in the belly for our cause. The Apostle Paul chided himself before the Lord and said something like, "Why is it I do what I don't want to do, yet don't do what I'd like to do?" It's a question for the ages. I know every single internet warrior against NAIS can relate to the question.

I'm ready for bed now, so I shall close with this.
Time is running out.
It is up to each and everyone of us
to become fully engaged in stopping NAIS.
I've said this before, and make no apologies for anyone's hurt feelings,
If you do nothing and NAIS is mandated,
you will have no one except yourself to blame.
This will take an effort the likes of which we have never seen before in our lifetimes.

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