February 6, 2008

Can't get no representation

If those congressmen are supposed to be representatives why don't they return phone calls and why, when they do talk to us, treat us like we are complete fools?

Of note, Under Secretary Bruce Knight bailed on a radio show he was supposed to do on Saturday, and if that weren't disrespectful enough, has thus far refused to answer our nine questions.

Senator Patrick Leahy's ag policy advisor has not, for a year now, returned my calls, responded to my emails and, when I knew it was him on the phone refused to tell me his name. He said he was not allowed to tell me his name.

Now, Representative Peter Welch has taken the side of the President of the Board of the St. Albans Coop telling me there is no NAIS or premises registration. When I spoke with Welch's ag policy advisor this morning she actually sighed loudly in my ear as if I was being a huge pain in the butt.

I'm tired of fighting against the federal machine.

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