January 9, 2008

Boohoo, oh Hillary.

So Hillary has been a Feminazi for all these years but suddenly finds it appropriate to cry and talk about ironing and baking cakes? Don't believe it for a second. When was the last time she ironed a shirt?

The picture I have in my mind of a crying, weeping woman president...not good.

Hillary is responsible for setting women back from being elected president another 50 years.


  1. Anonymous4:58 PM

    Don't forget that if she becomes President, she will also set the country back another 4 years. The division between red states vs blue states will be deepen. Rush Limbaugh will be fatter, richer, and more job security because he has some things to talk about. If she claimed about the Right Wing conspiracy now, then she has not seen nothing yet. After 8 years under big daddy Bush, we may have to face another 4 years of mommy Hillary. She will set up the mandatories of what she thinks is good for you. It will be same old, same old kind of establishment with different face, different name.

    What we really need is a person who is fresh and new, who can reach out healing the nation. That person should not belong to any old establishment nor having a massive political machine and deep pocket funding. Unfortunately if you meet all the above requirement you will be labelled (or spinned) as "no experience". Unfortunately majority of people are too stupid to see that. Thus the most phonny, straight faced liar always get elected.

  2. We can only pray that she isn't elected President.

    While I don't believe that he is truly electable, mainly because the "powers that be" won't have it, Ron Paul would be that breath of fresh air we all long for.

    Thanks for your comments. Do you know much about NAIS?


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