January 17, 2008

Along the Food Chain with Michael Olson…

You can see how we need to be on this show. The misconceptions, oh the misconceptions.


To stop animal diseases, like avian flu, from sweeping through the nation's 1.4 million farms, the Federal government has established a National Animal Identification System (NAIS).

NAIS asks all farmers and hobbyists who husband animals to voluntarily register their premises with government and keep track of the movements of each of their animals. This leads us to ask, "Can small farmers survive NAIS?"

This Saturday at 9am Pacific, the Food Chain with Michael Olson hosts Vermont farmer Sharon Zecchinelli and Missouri farmer Doreen Hannes for a conversation about NAIS.

Log on the Food Chain page at www.metrofarm.com to listen on your radio, computer or IPOD.

Topics include how a voluntary Federal program is becoming a mandatory state program; why small farmers believe NAIS will drive them, and their support industries, out of business; and how NAIS may discourage individuals from raising their own food.

Question of the Week: Can small farms survive NAIS?

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