December 20, 2007

USDA Releases Business Plan and New User's Guide

The draft NAIS Business Plan has been released. It was published in the December 19 Federal Register.

And, as if it couldn't get any worse, a New Users Guide also has been released. Isn't the USDA genius with their timing, just around the holidays when they figure everyone is too busy to pay attention?

Just one more tidbit for you. This change was found in the Senate version of the Farm Bill, the one they passed.

Strike Section 10305 of Livestock title and replace with this section: (a) Not later than 180 days after the date of enactment of this Act, the Secretary shall promulgate regulations consistent with the Freedom of Information Act, 5 U.S.C. 552, et seq., regarding the disclosure of information submitted by farmers and ranchers who participate in the National Animal Identification System. The regulations promulgated, which shall be subject to a public comment period before finalizing, should address the protection of trade secrets and other proprietary and/or confidential business information that farmers and ranchers disclose in the course of participation in National Animal Identification System.

Listen up, you people. You better wake up before you find that there is no local food available. WAKE UP!!!


  1. Anonymous4:03 PM

    what does the revised section to 10305 mean?

    the secretary will decide whether or not information will be disclosed through the FOIA before 180 days of enactment?

  2. The section was changed and as of right now we are unsure what it means. Anyway, the whole bill is probably going to be vetoed by The Decider, so it may be a non-event.

  3. Happy New Years Henny Penny!


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