April 12, 2007

North American Union from a Canadian perspective

I like the editorial comment at the end. "...and subject Canadians to a Christian far right..." Poor Canadians.


Globalists envision another 9/11 crisis as great for creating climate for North American Union

Destruction of the popular sovereignty of Canadians, Americans, and Mexicans is "just a crisis away"

by Jerome R. Corsi, WND Columnist

Robert Pastor, a leading intellectual force in the move to create a North American Union, told WND he believes a new 9/11 crisis could be the catalyst to merge the U.S., Mexico and Canada.

Mr. Pastor, a professor at American University, says that in such a case the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America, or SPP - launched in 2005 by the heads of the three countries at a summit in Waco, Texas - could be developed into a continental union, complete with a new currency, "the Amero", that would replace the U.S. dollar just as the euro has replaced the national currencies of Europe.

In May 2005, Pastor was co-chairman the Council on Foreign Relations task force that produced a report entitled "Toward a North American Community," which he has claimed is the blueprint behind the SSP declared by President Bush, Mexico's then-President Vicente Fox, and Canada's then-Prime Minister Paul Martin.

At American University in Washington, D.C., Pastor directs the Center for North American Studies where he teaches a course entitled "North America: A Union, A Community, or Just Three Nations?" As WND previously has reported, Pastor is on the board of the North American Forum on Integration, the NAFI, a non-profit organization that annually holds a mock trilateral parliament for 100 selected students drawn from 10 universities in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

Mr. Pastor had published an interview in Spanish in the Oct. 24 issue of Poder y Negocios. He told the magazine crises can force decisions that otherwise would not be made.

"The 9/11 crisis made Canada and the United States redefine the protection of their borders," Pastor explained. "The debt crisis in Mexico forced the government to adapt a new economic model. Crises oblige governments to make difficult decisions."

This was the first time WND had found a major intellectual leader behind the push to integrate North America suggesting that a crisis of 9-11 proportions might be just what was needed to advance the process toward establishing a North American Union and the "Amero". Professor Pastor along with the U.S. Bush administration envisions that "the "Amero" will replace the Canadian Dollar (along with the current currencies of the United States. and Mexico). WND reached Pastor in his office at American University and conducted a telephone interview to make sure the Spanish publication accurately reflected his views.

He affirmed the Spanish interview represents his thinking.

"What I'm saying is that a crisis is an event which can force democratic governments to make difficult decisions like those that will be required to create a North American Community," he said. "It's not that I want another 9/11 crisis, but having a crisis would force decisions that otherwise might not get made."

Editorial note:

The North American Union (NAU) would destroy and replace Canada, and subject Canadians to a Christian far right, neo-fascistic, and anti-democratic political-military-industrial complex toward a sought Orwellian "New World Order".

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  1. So moving to Canada won't be a viable option for people wanting to escape the fanatics down here any longer... :}


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