March 4, 2007

Update on the Henshaw's

This is the latest update, provided by

04 March 07

Good morning all,

As of this moment Danny and Cindi are on their way back to Colorado and very tired because of this trip. They were supposed to land in Richmond 830 PM Thursday night, but due to severe storms, did not land until 330 AM Friday morning and had to be in court at 11 AM.. They are living in a borrowed 31 foot trailer in an RV park. They both have jobs now and are working many hours trying to recover both mentally and physically from this whole chain of events since the 12 September 2006 raid on their property.

They do not have a computer line at the trailer (no phone), so being on line at this point is not a priority. Cindi has to go to the library if she wants to read any mail. Not much time to do that . Eventually, she will answer all e-mails sooner or later as time permits.

I speak to them weekly so if anyone has a message for them , please drop me a note and I will pass it on.

They asked me to thank everyone
who have shown loyal support to them during this trying time. To those who have offered advice, made phone calls, showed up at the protest rally, attended first trial, and all the people who offered encouragement in any way, we thank them from them bottom of our hearts. Please keep us in your prayers. We are very grateful to family, our friends and to all the people, whom we might never had met, if this had not happened. It has helped restore out faith in humanity. Thank you so much. We also are sending along a Special thanks to members of VICFA.
I am sending you all this memo with permission of Danny and Cindi.

We went to court with Danny on March 02, 2007 and once again I am totally discussed with the justice system.

There was much talking between Dan, his lawyer and the Commonwealth Atty. Bell alone, prior to going into the courtroom, Danny refused to plead guilty.

End result:
Appeals : Denied ( presented at the first trial)
Pled not guilty--------verdict guilty.......... Fined $250.00 ( suspended with conditions)
Court costs......$66.00
Fined total $1500.00......... to repay for the Agents hog kills ( 3 ), prior to the raid, #500.00 each.
Nothing like kicking someone when they are down HUH???

Everything was done up at the bench, so we could not hear the exchange of words very well..

Dick and I went outside to wait and Norman, Dan's Lawyer came out, while we waited for Danny to make arrangements to pay fines and etc.

The person that Dan had to talk to after, really had an ego attitude for sure. We noticed it when we were in the courtroom. Danny came out with his blood pressure about to explode.. This gal, I guess, treated Dan like a common criminal asking all kinds of personal questions and telling him he would have to be drug tested, go for counseling, report to her every two weeks and all kinds of unnecessary things, which in fact did not apply to his case. According to the Judge, all he had to do was arrange payment of fines by 01 June, 2007.

Norman was not aware this was going on at all and was a bit peeved. He figured that Dan would just have to make arrangements to make payments or whatever. Norman was not happy with this sort of treatment.

Finally, the gal called over the Commonwealth Atty. Bell and said Danny was being un-co operative. Bell spoke to the gal and finally settled it, I guess. Danny was not happy with her attitude at all.

While we were talking to Norman, he pointed out the laws that were sited on the original warrant. ( there were several quoted on the original papers) and Norman found, after a great deal of study, there was no law at all that pertained to this case, especially how it was carried out with no notice or warning to correct the problem, if in fact one existed. Basically the bottom line is Danny was convicted on laws that do not even exist. SO MUCH FOR JUSTICE....

My personal thought is this: The Powers to be, can take any written law and mold it to suit their own purpose, especially when they know that the way this whole event was carried out, was WRONG. Even the Deputies outside the Courtroom (Sheriffs) agreed that it was all wrong and should have been handled a lot different, to late for that HUH?

Moral of my story ; Just my personal opinion

TAKE A DECENT HUMAN BEING, WHO HAS NO RECORD OF ANY KIND AND TURN HIM INTO A CRIMINAL...ALL because a bunch of BIG BROTHER'S Agents decided that Danny Henshaw was breaking the law, by owning a Hunting Club, and set out to make an example of him. This event was set up as a training session for those involved, for future raids.

No warning, No human decency, NO nothing, except their AUTHORITY, IN MY MIND, THEY, the USDA AND OTHERS WERE THE CRIMINALS HERE, AND GOT AWAY WITH IT!!!!!!!!

What is really sad, is this is happening all over this country! Not just to Danny and Cindi, but to many people, who have chosen the FARM way of life, the very people who for generations have built this country from the ground up.

Folks, BEWARE, you could be next, and now we know, they do not even have to have good reason. Be prepared, if they decide to come to your home and property.

Please feel free forward to anyone, please use the entire message as written, as I do not have e-mail addresses of all people who have been interested in this.
Thank you,
Warm Regards,

You could be next!!!!

"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is SUCCESS."
-- Henry Ford

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