March 25, 2007

And I'm back...

After a couple of weeks of being busy, traveling and having the flu twice in a month, I'm ready to post again. Thanks to those of you who wrote asking where I have been.

I'm so far behind. There is much to report, but I think I'll just plunge on from today.

New blogger, Animal Waitress. Dreen is a student of NAIS and the international entanglements. Bookmark her blog and visit it often.

Speaking of NAIS:

On February 13, 2007, Mrs. Emerson, with Mr. Boozman, Mr. Paul, and Mr. Duncan, introduced H.R. 1018:

To amend the Animal Health Protection Act to prohibit the Secretary of Agriculture from implementing or carrying out a National Animal Identification System or similar requirement and… (Introduced in House)

Sounds good, but then in Section II "voluntary" raises its ugly head again. I am concerned that Ron Paul is a co-sponsor on this bill, but, giving him the benefit of the doubt, he's signed on to keep an eye on it and mayhaps to write an amendment to strip out the second section.

Finally, for today, the Almond Board in California will begin pasteurizing almonds, even raw ones, in the fall of 2007. That means that raw almonds aren't going to be raw, not really. Why are "they", industrialized agriculture, so bound and determined to kill our food supply? Remember, it was the almond growers in California that killed millions of acres of honey bees a few years ago with an over application of pesticide.

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