February 27, 2007

Shame on Senator Margaret Dayton, Utah District 15

Raw milk is under attack again. Utah's HB311

* It makes raw milk more available by allowing dairy operations to sell their raw milk in an outlet which is closer to consumers IF the dairy maintains total control of the milk under very regulated conditions and if the dairy owns at least 51% of the outlet.
* Wherever raw milk is sold, there must be an obvioius sign that the buyer is getting raw milk lest the consumer get confused that perhaps he is buying pasturized milk.
* It allows for raw milk to be sold ONLY in places where pasturized milk is not sold
* There are regulations and annual reports to the legislature required of dairys that sells direct to the consumer
* It eliminates the cow share program

Eliminates cow share programs! On her website the Senator says this about cow shares:

The Cow-Share Program operates this way: you want to buy raw milk and are told that you can only buy milk if you own a part of the cow. You agree to buy a part of the cow. You pay approx. $15 to buy a part of the cow. No designation of what part you own is necessary :) You can now buy raw milk - and you never have to meet your cow or her caretaker. This is the most unregulated part of the raw milk operation in Utah.
It is brazenly obvious that she has never known anyone in a cow share program. People who buy local foods know the farmer and know the animals. That's the reason to buy local.

So apparently, Rhett Roberts, President/CEO of Redmond Inc. (801) 361-9893 is behind this bill in consortium with Farm Bureau (oh, no, not them).

From an email exchange between him and Sally Fallon (Weston A. Price)

We have the full and genuine support of the department of agriculture - they have been very cooperative. Also the overwhelming support of the Farm Bureau - passing the annual meeting with a 95% + vote. We have the earned the trust and confidence of the top officials at each of these organizations - and of top legislators as well. There is a feeling of cooperation going forward rather than a "hope it fails" or "out to get you" attitude. And we have worked to get the Health Department and the Dairy Industry to a "no opposition" position as well.

So here we go again, Farm Bureau, Ag Dept, Health Dept, Dairy Industry. What's missing? Oh, yeah, those pesky small farmers who are trying like mad to earn a buck.

Because of this, I am boycotting Redmond Sea Salt, which I have used for years on all of my livestock animals. I encourgage you, dear reader, to do the same. Look above for Rhett's phone number and give him a call expressing your concerns, doubts and displeasure.

While you are at it, click through and read this North American Union - Raw Milk Action Alert so you can see how it all ties together.

Again, America it is time to WAKE UP!

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