February 6, 2007

Blogger, oh blogger

Blogger has been acting up the last few days and it has been impossible to post. Very frustrating. especially when you realize they don't care a bit.

So much is going on, Big Brother encroaches. And it seems that things are happening faster.

  • In Texas they are going to mandate a vaccine for little girls that supposedly protects from cervical cancer. Follow the money trail between FDA and Merck. Ironically, there is an "opt-out" procedure...shouldn't it have been "opt-in" as in choice? I wonder if Governor Perry has little daughters or grand-daughters. Will he let them get the shot first or will he be like Tommy Thompson who promised to be first in line to get an RFID chip but then never got around to it.
  • 34 States are rebelling against Real ID, including Vermont. "It's about the privacy." "This is almost a frontal assault on the freedoms of America when they require us to carry a national ID to monitor where we are." Not "almost". It is a full frontal assault on our freedoms.
  • Representative Koch (R) of Barre Town (VT) has introduced H.0126 titled Distracted Driving. H.0126 proposes to prohibit some activities that contribute to distracted driving. These high-risk activities are things you have to use your hands for instead of driving like "reading, writing, performing personal grooming, smoking, consuming any food or nonalcoholic beverage, playing a musical instrument, interacting with pets or unsecured cargo" and cell phones. The penalty would be less than $300.00 but not more than $600.00.

    These sorts of legislation drive me to distraction. Mr. Koch, the government cannot legislate common sense. It is these attempts to force on people what they may not already possess – common sense - that causes everyday citizens like me to flirt with becoming a criminal which I will become because I do not intend to give up smoking in my car. What are people who have to practically eat every meal in their cars because of their life commitments - jobs, kids, soccer, music lessons, church, etc. - to do?

    Here's an idea! Add a new component to the driver's test called multitasking ability. Have the person taking the test drive and talk on a cell phone or eat lunch or drink a soft drink, etc. and be scored on that performance. Then have that result indicated on their license like they do for people who have to wear glasses. Of course, Representative Koch isn't interested in real solutions, so I doubt a common sense approach to driving while being distracted would interest him.

  • NY wants all dogs to be microchipped. I just can't get over the idea that mere MAN thinks he can control all in his domain.
  • In California they are going to ban trans-fats in restaurant food. Hasn't that been done in another state or two? The funny thing is that they are going to replace trans-fat oils with vegetable oils that are made from GMO corn or soy or canola. Absolutely an example of the Emperors New Clothes. You just end up consuming a different poison. Eat locally grown food and then you don't have to even worry about it.

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